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Portraits and Commissions

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'Portrait of Debora Colam.'          Pen, Ink and Acrylic wash.            Unavailable.

An attempt to capture Debora's alluring beauty, inner strength and clever, though sometimes biting humor.

'Oh Cherry, oh Cherry, oh Baby!'             Acrylic.              Unavailable.

A portrait of John Colam with his baby daughter Cherry.

'The Jug-Band Man.'                   Oil                                  Unavailable

A self portrait from a time when I wore a beard, sporting the top hat I wear as uniform for the Jug and skiffle band that I'm the Jug, Kazoo player and occasional singer in: 'Charley Boot & the Footsloggers.' It is a comedy band playing a mixture of Jug band classics, Folk Blues, and Skiffle songs.

'Charley Boot' has ceased to exist now, but was great fun while it lasted!

Portrait of Dr Gokemre                Oil                  Unavailable

Dr Gokemre is a chemist who had made certain discoveries in her early life. I gave her a background of Molecules as reference to her scientific background.

'Mr Agawa'     Portrait commission of a Japanese businessman         Oil         Unavailable.

'A Thousand Summers'               Portrait of 'Chika'                 Oil             500.00

A portrait of a wonderful Japanese friend 'Chika' who told me her name meant 'A thousand Summers.'
Painted when we were in love.
'The Grand Children'      portrait of a client's grandchildren        Oil           unavailable

My client didn't have a photograph of the grandchildren all together, but three separate photos, of different sizes. This made me freer to put them together as seemed best to me at the time, although it was more work to compose the picture.

'Judy'  Portrait of my elder Sister              Pencil               Unavailable

A portrait of Judy as she was in 1964.
                 'Memorial.'                                             Pencil                                 Unavailable

Portrait of a client's best friend, now deceased; and his widow; to be given to her as a memorial of her husband. It was drawn from two photos that weren't in proportion , so this had to be compensated for.


Portrait of William Harris.           Pencil                     Unavailable

A portrait of a client's Grandfather from an old torn and faded photograph.

'Max Memorial.'               Acrylic                Unavailable.

A portrait of my last dog and best friend Max, who died in 2007. He is looking into our reality from his reality beyond and smiling.

'A.J.'     Portrait commission of an old dog.    Acrylic      Unavailable

A.J. was near the end of his days, and his humans wanted a painting of him before he died.

'Goodbye Charlie(1992)        20 x 26.5 cms          Pencil            Unavailable

A drawing made after I found my cat, Charlie, on Christmas morning, shot twice, killed by French hunters. A fantasy portrait of Charlie.

'Kim Cat Girl',  Fantasy portrait of my daughter Kim       Oil        Unavailable

My daughter Kim is an animal lover and at this time her favorite animals were cats. I painted her seated with a cat and her alter ego as a cat self standing behind her resting her hands on her shoulders.

Fantasy Portrait of my son Jason           Acrylic               Unavailable

At this time my son, now a mechanic in France, was souping up his scooter. I decided to make the scooter into a jet flying machine. He is doing battle with some sort of mechanical wasps, probably flying machines controlled by Aliens or some other evil beings, big global business men or some evil government.

'Warrior Kim'         Oil on board           Unavailable

Fantasy Portrait of my Daughter, aged about 14.
My daughter Kim was always a quiet shy child, I drew and painted her as a warrior partly because she loved fantasy novels, but also to try and produce an image that would give her confidence.

'The empress of the tarot'      (1988)     32 x 47 cms     Acrylic     Unavailable

A fantasy portrait of my ex-wife Lise, pregnant with our first child Kim. In the mythic Tarot, the empress card represents Demeter, source of life, the Earth mother. She symbolizes fertility.

'The revelation of the spirit of Castelnou'  (1999)    50 x 60 cms   Acrylic  600.00

A fantasy portrait of Etiennette Martin, mother of the present mayor (written in 1999) and wife of the previous mayor of Castelnou, where I lived and had a shop/studio at this time. When I was working late in my studio/shop, she would often come over with a saucepan of soup or stew to sustain me. Like the last queen of Castelnou, she was known by everyone in the region and she knew everything that happened in the village. So for me, she represented ‘the spirit of Castelnou.’

'Beatrice and the Bilsham fairies'    (1978)      Commission     46 x 60 cms      Oil

Beatrice's Grandmother commissioned this painting of her Grand daughter. I placed her in a Garden, surrounded by Fairies, one of them, behind her is a reference to Mick Jagger from the Stones 'Satanic Majesty's Request' album cover, that I happened to be listening to as I painted. The pixy figure in the grass in front of her is her brother who was jealous of his sister being painted, so I put him in as one of the 'Faerie folk.'

Detail of 'Beatrice and the Bilsham Fairies.'    Oil  

A fairy is coming out of her bouquet and offering a magical grain.

'Celtic thinking'     (1995)     Commission     20 x 30 cms      Acrylic    Unavailable.

A commission from a Celtic Breton client who wanted a painting that expressed his life and interests.
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