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 'Fantastic Journey.'

Actress Dora Brian in my studio /apartment in Old Plama de Mallorca with the painting she bought 'Fantastic Journey.' (There by hangs a tale!)

Article from the English Newspaper of Palma de Mallorca, May 14 1981, publicizing my exhibition: 'Fantasies of a Traveling Artist.'

Exhibition publicity for my exhibition at the Metropole Gallery Oct. to Nov. 1987 'Fantasy Drawings and Paintings.'

Cover of 'Attitudes' Magazine, Autumn 1988 with an article featuring my work. The cover has one of my paintings 'Spirit of the Downs' which at the time of writing is still available.


The article from 'Attitudes Magazine' Autumn 1988


Continued from 'Attitudes Magazine' article.


Publicity in 'Kindred Spirits' Magazine For a 'visionary Art' exhibition I was a part of: 'Sacred Realms,' Al Bizarre gallery, Jordan Place, Fulham Broadway, London. (Top Left.)
Article in Folkestone Herald Nov. 1988


Folkestone Herald May 1988

  Article from 'Les Informations' Newspaper
Redon,   Brittany, France. 6 April 1994.

Article in Ouest France Newspaper, 23 Dec 1997


Exhibition with French Artist and partner at the time, Catherine Ogliastri. Article from 'l' Independant Newspaper, 9 Aug. 1999.

  Publicity in 'l'Independant' Newspaper 2 Aug. 1999. Our exhibition was at my Studio/Shop 'Atellier des Reves.' Castelnou.  ('Dream workshop.')

Articles from 'l'Independant' Newspaper 16 Oct. & 2 Nov 2002. Somehow they managed to get my name wrong, calling me 'Peter' not 'Tony' in the larger article!

Article from 'Folkestone Magazine' On my return to England.

Article from 'Kent Magazine.' May 2004.
  Article from Folkestone Herald 24 Nov. 2005

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