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'Lolita Vampire.'     Pencil on Paper.    31 x 14 Cms    Framed: 175    10/2014

A Fantasy portrait of a young woman who through no fault of her own has become a vampire. Perhaps fortunately she is only affected by vampirism on and around full moons, at other times she can lead a normal life.

Dawn Sinclair, writer, Poet, Lyricist.
Project leader of 
'The Wrath of Arcanis'

An Epic Fantasy Poetry Project By Dawn Sinclair.
Dawn Sinclair, writer, poet, lyricist writes:
'Thr wrath of Arcanis is a mythological story of Gods protecting their secrets at all costs from the eyes of prying mortals, while at the same time trying to prevent their children destroying whole worlds. It took 2 poets (Dawn Sinclair and Jim Callagham) the best part of a decade to write, one of whom, Jim, sadly died before it was finished..... so a 3rd. poet contributed one poem towards the end. Then 12 Artists joined the project to illustrate what was begun when Jim Callagham was inspired by 'The Eternal Question,' a fantasy novel by Theresa Dawn Sinclair.

Tony Palmer (Fine Art Paintings and Fantasy Illustration) and Paul Edwards (Digital Art and Illustrations) agreed to become chief Artists on the project and others joined in aliong the way.
At this point (Jan/Feb 2014) we are actively seeking an interested publisher for our exciting and innovative book.

You can obtain Dawn's earlier books by following the link below.

'Arcan Contemplating'    From  'THE WRATH OF ARCANIS'     Acrylic      Available 350.00
'TheCreator's Nemesis, Arcan.'
Tony writes about his inspiration:
This Illustration is of a primaeval being Imagined by Dawn in her poem,  who is called Arcan. Her words created a clear image in my mind of this huge and powerful scaled, tailed being. (Though these features weren't actually described ib the poem.) Because he was 'small brained ' but 'wanted to gather knowledge,' I drew and painted him contemplating DNA and an Atom, wanting to understand about matter and life.

"It's brain was small, 
irrational and barely worth a mention
except in one respect that is: the being's vile intention
to gather knowledge, swell its brain and overcome it's mentor."

"Maniacal Satanical, the good may brand him 'Devil' yet even they concede to this: his battleground's not level"

'The Forest of Confusion'     From 'THE WRATH OF ARCANIS'    Acrylic     Available   350.00
'A mysterious, dangerous, confusing forest to get lost in.'

"Arcanis yields to woods beguiled in strange Valrou'hain ways
To stop mankind traversing through by imitating maze"'

"Go left Bendam, trust Caldarin's words to lead us through
the maze of pointed finger trees; there's scant else we can do."

'Elements against the Humans'   From 'THE WRATH OF ARCANIS'  Acrylic   Availabnle  350.
'Arcanis summons the elements to smite the mortals.'

"Smite every last ignoble rat and show them mercy nought.
No sword of stars shall save them now;
this battle shall be fought.

"With elements at my command; come hail and snow and fire!
My God's empowered their servant's hand; now purging will transpire.."

I tried to imagine the terror of the mortals with the elements turning against them.  It was impossible for them to win!

'Defeated Arcan leaving his home'  From 'THE WRATH OF ARCANIS'  Acrylic
Available  350.
'Arcan having been defeated departs.'

"The deed is done. freed Arcan flees his conquerors. Yet know
This fortress is but one defence my Valrou lords may show."

"To claim his prize - that treasure must be safely kept from thieves
Be still and sleep, great mountain, now as Arcan takes his leave."

I sensed 'pathos' in Arcan, He was created as he was, and didn't ask to be a monstrous being.
I tried to express his sadness at having been defeated and having to leave his mountain, his home for millions of years.
The fantasy landscape was an attempt to create a believeable world for Earth men, yet a world that wasn't The Earth. Humans (mortals) were brought there from Earth by the Gods.

'MURK Risen'    From    'THE WRATH OF ARCANIS'     Acrylic      Available        350.00
'An ancient evil creature summoned from out of the earth''

"Rise from the soil, oh monstrous Murk and bare your sabourous teeth
Swell proudly, slug and maggot, come to slick their lea and heath"

"Come boldly sucking leeches, drink your fill of human blood
Boil bright, tsunami, do your worst as risen rivers flood."

These lines gave me the atmosphere I needed, and a clear vision of 'Murk' with his 'Sabourous teeth' in a world of  slugs and maggots. foreground details and the beheaded knight were not in the poem but appeared with the process of painting.

All the exerts from 'The wrath of Arcanis' were chosen by Dawn Sinclair, and taken from her poetry project. These exerts and other lines stimulated my images.

Tusked Goblin Warrior.            Illustration commission           Available        300.00

My client had given me a sketch he had done for the Goblin warrior, and the painting was drawn and painted on the basis of this sketch. However when he saw the picture it didn't correspond with the image he had of the Tusked Goblin Warrior, wanting it to be less human, more dog-like. As he realized his sketch misled me, we were able to agree a sum for my work.

Jantar Ninja Warrior Heroine.        Illustration Commission.           Unavailable

My client had created an on-line game site 'Dark World,' which he wanted images for. In fact he wanted to write a book, or find a ghost writer for his ideas and decided he wanted me to Illustrate it. This was the heroine 'Jantar.'

 Initial sketch for 'Jantar.         Illustration Commission              Unavailable

My client didn't want Jantar to be bare breasted or to have wild hair as if she'd just jumped onto her branch. So I followed his instructions for the finished painting above which he approved of.

  Devastation.                          Illustration Commission                         Unavailable

A ruined city that had been destroyed by 'Tusked Goblin Warriors.' This young lady had survived and is shown in a state of shock having emerged from the rubble, though I have forgotten for now her relevance in the book, I believe she had a key role.

  Public Execution.                     Illustration Commission                        Unavailable
 from 'DARK WORLD'

A story within my client's main theme was about a pedophile murderer, when caught he was publicly whipped and stoned to death. His wife and baby child wait on the left foreground.

 Terramin City.                        Illustration Commission                           Unavailable
This was the main city in the Dark world story. I was loosely described to me by my client and I saw the city in my mind and started to draw it.

  'Barbie hiding from Ken in a Jade tree'              Pencil drawing.                Unavailable

This isn't actually an Illustration, but a fine Art drawing. I placed a Barbie Doll I'd found in a Jade plant, and drew it. However most of my 'Fine Art' is narrative and Illustrative in style so I thought it would fit into this section well.

 'The Demise of Aslan'        Illustration for       'The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.'
  Pen and Ink                           300

A drawing I made for an Illustration brochure I produced in the 1980s to try to get illustration commissions show what I could do with certain themes. Though I sent very many out I got very little work in return.

Dragon Rider          Illustration for my Illustration brochure mentioned above.          Sold.

  'Dragon Slayer'             Illustration for my brochure mentioned above.  


'The last Dragon's egg.'                         Pen and Ink                               Unavailable

Not produced as an Illustration but as 'Fine Art,' however as it's a very illustrative image I included it here.  Sold as 'Fine Art Drawing.'

The 'Retro Girls' series of pencil drawings were produced for a client who dreamed of 1940 and 1950s style women. I signed them 'Chazz Palmer' as they didn't fit in with my themes at the time, and Chazz is short for Charles, my first name. I felt Chazz had a 1940s or 50s ring to it.

'Retro Babe' was the first.

  'Retro chick' was the second.

  'Retro Rocker' was the third.

'Listening to Nature' was painted as an illustration to a children's fantasy book I wrote but never found a publisher for. It was aimed at teenagers and young adults. Since it was written, some of my ideas have come out in other films or books, I would need to review and rewrite it before submitting it again.

'The meeting of the Sun and Moon at the Enchanted Pool.'   
Pen and Ink.     Unavailable.

A very Illustrative drawing produced for an Illustration brochure as an example of a 'frontispiece.'

An Illustrative drawing remembering the west coast of Mallorca but drawn in Quebec Canada, for printing as greetings cards.

An Illustrative drawing produced in Canada but remembering the west coast of Mallorca,
drawn to print off greetings cards.

'The Invisible Man.'  Commission from 'Catch Magazine' an EFL Magazine in the 1980s.
A pre-home computer work from a time when I made a great effort to get into Illustration.

The final episode of the Invisible Man. I did some other cartoons for 'Catch Magazine' which have become lost in time.

A pen and Ink drawing that was produced for an illustration brochure I made and distributed to show my pen and ink drawing abilities.

Though not produced as an Illustration, this picture of my then wife Lise as 'The Empress of the tarot' is a very Illustrative work. It Indicates what I could do if I was given a commission of this type.

'The suffering sea' wasn't produced as an Illustration, but again it has a very Illustrative style and has been included in this section as indication of what I could do with this sort of theme and technique.

Poster For my exhibition 'Fantasies of a travelling Artist.'  Xocolat Gallery
Palma de Mallorca Spain 1981.

In these days we had no personal computers, any publicity posters had to be black and white and photocopied; or printed at a printers if you could afford it., which I couldn't.

I had not been living in Spain very long, about a year, but had produced enough work, drawings and paintings,  for an exhibition.  'Xocolat' is Catalan, and means Chocolate in English. The gallery was also a Chocolateria, serving Ensaimadas and hot Chocolate drinks. However it was a renouned Gallery also, the Chocolateria serving to help support the gallery, not the Gallery being an 'Add-on' to the Chocolateria.

Cover for Illustration Broucher for sending to Agents and Publishers. 1986

In the pre-home computer days,  as with the poster above,  if you couldn't afford to have a publicity broucher printed by a printer it had to be black and white and photocopied.  I did a lot of pen and ink work at this time. I had  a few actual photographs of painted works at the back.
It's far easier to get our works seen these days, our problem is there are so many of us with so much publicity out there on the web, it's hard for any one individual to be found.

'The Pekoe Orange Poster,'            Acrylic and Poster paint.

A poster designed for Publicity for a 1970s London Band.
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